Equinox Benefits Consulting is a full-service firm providing health insurance and employee benefits services for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Equinox supports all types of plan designs and funding levels to ensure that our clients exceed their objectives. Our dedication to member engagement drives down plan costs with dedicated client managers, effective plan design, and high-tech communications. With Equinox, you can trust that your business has the proper technology at its disposal, enrollments and claims are handled efficiently, and your employees have a true advocate at their side.


Our in-house underwriting team helps you understand your healthcare costs, identify areas of savings, and project costs for the future. We review your claims monthly and monitor underlining trends and performance. An annual service plan with quarterly meetings and ensures transparency.


Equinox monitors industry trends
and benchmarks to evaluate your plan design. We look at claim trends and other forward-thinking strategies for each renewal. We evaluate eligibility, legal requirements, cost-sharing and benefit structure, and network savings.


Our team designs member engagement programs to drive awareness, lower costs, and help lower plan utilization. We train and implement partner programs so your employees can be better consumers. We help steer members to lower cost and higher quality options through plan education.


We are committed to cost containment.

Equinox Benefits Consulting Community Support Program Logo
  • 2020 MLK Day at the Lehigh County Humane Society
  • 2020 MLK Day at the Boys and Girls Club of Allentown
  • 2019 Food Drive delivery with Altitude and Milestone
  • 2019 Emmaus Main Street Golf